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For the past few years, IDOT COOL has been serving a growing number of clients locally and internationally who appreciate the creativity and imagination that IDOT COOL applies to each client’s business challenge.

We are always open to serve clients in all time zones and available to discuss your challenges and opportunities.

We offer an integrated suite of market information gathered from a wide range of sources, advanced information management tools, sophisticated analytical systems and methodologies, and dedicated professional client service to help our clients find the best paths to growth.


Brand & Marketing Manager
We must appreciate that IDOT COOL have the unique ability to resonate with the consumers. They are talking to…Be it moms with kids…to the notoriously difficult young adults males. We thank you for the research findings.

Your report has enabled us to get the rich understanding of the area being researched and your interpretation of research has added a significant value to our business.

You have really turned information into IDOT COOL.”
Dr. PirBux Danwar
Director (In charge)
National Research Institute of Fertility Care
Ministry of Population Welfare
Government of Pakistan
Your research report on “ follow-up of vasectomy cases in Sindh and Punjab has been very vital to us in incorporating the recommendations to the Ministry of Population Welfare.
Mrs. ShireenRehmatullah
Institute of Social Research & Development
Your efforts and proficiency have enabled us to reach our goals and achieve our targets and will help the authorities to develop a social policy in this regard. We thank you for a powerful report.
Fahad Sultan
Chief Executive Officer
F.S. Enterprises
Your feasibility study is a real winner. Your study has enabled us to get the pilot project to install LED Systems at the beach Avenue, Karachi.